Digital Process Meassurement

  Handheld loadcell calibrator

  Handheld thermocouple calibrator
DPM-Calog Loop AL

  Handheld milliamp loop calibrator
DPM-Calog Pro AL

  Handheld process calibrator
DPM-3016 AL Option

  Power Booster for up to 6 load cells
DPM-4001 AL

  Programmable 4 Digit Process /
Counter / Frequency Indicator
DPM-4003 AL

  Programmable 4 Digit Universal
Temperature Indicator / Controller
DPM-4004 AL          DPM-5004 AL

  Programmable 4 / 5 1/2
Digit Load Cell Indicators
DPM-4006 AL

  Programmable Indicator for
High Voltage / Current Inputs
DPM-4011 AL          DPM-5011 AL

  Serial Input Indicators
DPM-4015 AL

  Dual Channel Programmable
4 Digit Process Indicator
DPM-5001 (-T) AL          DPM-8001 (-T) AL

  Process / Counters /
Frequency / Totalising Indicators
DPM-5002 AL

  Programmable BCD /
Gray Code / Binary Indicator
DPM-5012 AL

  Programmable Counter / Speed / Frequency / Timer /
Totaliser / Period / Clock / Position Indicator
DPM-7000 AL

  Isolated Serial Comms Converter
- RS485 to RS232
DPM-9000 AL          DPM-9240 AL

  Programmable Transmitter
DPM-9004 AL

  Miniature DIN-Rail Mount Programmable
Isolated Load Cell Transmitter
DPM-9006 AL

  Programmable AC Current /
Voltage Transmitter
DPM-9244 AL

  Miniature DIN-Rail Mount Programmable
Isolated Load Cell Transmitter
DPM-9300 AL

  Dual Alarm Unit
DPM-9400 AL

  Dual Channel Process
Power Supply
DPM-9500 AL

  Current / Volt /
Pot Two-Wire Transmitter
DPM-9600 AL

  Loop Isolator